lastega pered

Babboe Cargobikes are practical and they are easy to drive. You can place your kids in a box which is in front of you where you can see what your children are doing and at the same time you can also be in control of traffic. Babboe Cargobikes are economical and they are cheaper than a car. Your children will like Babboe Cargobikes and the drive will be smooth and joyful. Also, it is good for you and your children to breathe in fresh air and do some exercise.


Babboe Cargobikes are good for businesses also. You can adapt your Cargobike for your business and sell ice-cream, coffee, food or souvenirs from it. It is also a cool way to advertise your business . Simply place the stickers with your logos on the cargobike and get some people to drive with it. It is an effective and great opportunity for your enterprise or brand to boost local awareness. People will look at your cargobike 100%.

Dog owners

Babboe Dog offers you the ability to drive to the park, to the beach or in the forest with your dog. You now have the ability to first drive to your destination and then let your dog out to run freely in the nature. Babboe Dog is also great for shopping. It is comfortable, easy and practical. Your dog(s) will like it because it gives them the ability to see the world through the biker eyes.